Will Abella

Storytelling has always been a big part of Will's life. Countless books, comics, movies, t.v., and video games have been consumed to spur his mind in dreams of wonder. It's no surprise that stories he likes stories, because they are an integral part of the human experience. Stories allow us to see life through another person's eyes and make us more empathetic and understanding of those far removed from our circles of influence. Stories also allow us to dream and see the world in endless possibilities. They are a portal to other worlds. 

Art became a vehicle by which Will learned to travel. Characters, creatures, vast landscapes started to form stories of their own and create realms for Will to think, learn, and grow. Ultimately, they offered a chance for himself to dream. The stories he read evoked feelings of thrill, wonder, and nostalgia. Now he strives to convey those emotions in the art he creates.


Favorite Art Movements: Neo-Classicism, Impressionism, Pop Art, Art Nouveau, and Comic Book art


Artist. Teacher. Comic book lover.