Beyond the Horizon

The theme for this yearbook is titled Beyond the Horizon. Knowing that there are a plethora of changes which transpire for students even days after completing the academic year, I wanted to capture that transition for this yearbook. The title evokes an idea of moving past the familiar boundaries into the unknown expanse which lays before. It evokes a sense of fear, even dissonance, as looking to the future creates a tension within ourselves.

A huge inspiration for the design and motifs for the yearbook came from The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich. The design elements symbolize both the horizon and a border, both which represent the edge of our familiarity and comfort. To push these ideas and concepts further, I wanted to use the margins of the book themselves as a type of boundary leading to the edge of the page itself.

I used larger margins to represent the boundary of unfamiliarity which surrounds us all. It is even represented by the outline of squares surrounding extra content on the pages. I decided I wanted to break the grid in the designs to punctuate the theme of moving beyond the horizon lines. These lines are broken by titles or have photos bleed to the edge of the page praising the idea of moving past the traditional known boundaries to newer things. Even the alignment and padding of the photos and articles are often adjusted in various ways to tie into the main theme.