The Prodigal Son

Most of you have probably heard by now that the prodigal son is returning home. Marvel and Sony have come to a compromise regarding the future of our whimsical web-slinger. I for one (as well as many of my friends) are incredibly excited to have such a well known character from the comic Marvel Universe be included in the ever growing cinematic counterpart. However,  what does this mean for the current direction of the movies like Civil War and Avengers as well as benefits to this deal?

Civil War

First off, the biggest and most obvious change that has happened is the timetable for the other marvel movies have been pushed back making way for Civil War. I’m  intrigued to how much of a part they will give to Spiderman as his role was thrown in last minute just like in the comic storyline. Despite that, he plays a heavy and crucial role in moving the story along. This can be good or bad depending on whether or not you had been wanting to see some of the newer lineup of heroes this year. Either way, we’ll get to see them all eventually.

Cool Kid

Even though Peter Parker is portrayed as an unpopular, nerdy, and unlucky kid, fans love him. He is the blue collar hero that everybody can relate to. We know what it is like to have relationship and money problems, while at the same time trying to balance school or jobs and everything that is important to us. Spiderman is a solid favorite for many people and for those who have not completely bought into the Marvel Universe might finally have the motivation for getting completely involved.

Marvel’s Magic

Honestly if magic and sorcery were real, Marvel and Disney would be prestige level Archmages. The way they can take B-list characters like Iron Man and the Avengers and turn them into the thing people are clamoring to see, they can do the same thing with Spiderman. While Sony has had ok depictions of Spidey, we have never been given something with as much influence and staying power like the ones Marvel has bestowed upon us. It will be invigorating to see how Spiderman will be depicted with signature Marvel flair and style. #sorcery

The question is, how did Marvel garner such a prize? I got my answers off of the Verge. Essentially it pretty much came down to the point of Sony realizing that they weren’t as successful as they could be with Marvel and they allowed Marvel to do things pretty much for free. Lucky. Sony still retains the rights but the fact that Marvel can resurrect our webslinger, it is a fair trade for both ends. Sony will still be making their own depictions of Spiderman but at least they are sharing. (Get on the bus, Fox!) Imagine a House of M story or Avengers vs X-Men. The list could go on. Give some parallel world stuff. At least we’ll get some collaboration. Regardless it’s always exciting to be a comic book lover in this day and age. Exciting things are happening.

Welcome Home Spidey,



Welcome Home