I don’t know if you’ve seen HITRECORD ON TV hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If not you should definitely check it out. (https://www.youtube.com/user/hitrecord) The show uses open-collaborative projects as its fundamental inspiration and each individual episode centers on a theme which is explored throughout the entirety of the episode. The first episode focused on the idea of the number one. One of the questions Gordon-Levitt brings up triggers within my mind the wonder and nostalgia that occurs with something happening for the first time.

There is a first time for everything  and you never get a second chance to make a first impression…Do you remember your first time…your first time for doing anything?                                                                                        Joseph Gordon-Levitt,  HitRecord

So in response to this question, I thought about my first time reading a comic book. The first comic I read was when I was around nine or ten. However, the catalyst that triggered my love for comics actually happened when I was around seven years old. I still remember clearly my dad came home from work and brought surprises for me and my brother. I ended up getting a Batman action figure. Coolest. Toy. Ever. But it was no ordinary action figure. Little did I know that it belonged to one of the most iconic and amazing story arcs within the Batman mythos. (It also happened to be a special edition figure found only in Warner Brothers Stores)


How could you not love a toy like this?

Skipping ahead a couple of years, my family had moved from Arizona to Colorado. My dad and I were sorting through some of his boxes he hadn’t had a chance to sift through yet. We stumbled upon a couple of his comic boxes. Those things were a gold mine! I saw one of the boxes labeled Batman and was immediately drawn to it. Opening the box and pulling out the comic on top I was shocked to realize that it was the same as the action figure given to me a couple years before. Batman Knightfall, the story that started it all for me. I read through Knightfall, Knightquest, and KnightsEnd and was left with feelings of satisfaction and excitement. I was also very dissatisfied. I wanted more.

So from then on, throughout the years, I have attempted to satiate my desire in various ways. Drawing, TV shows, collectible cards, and movies descending from the comic book realm all have had their hand in my childhood. It has become a part of who I am and I am sure a part of many of those who are invested in this culture as well. For me, comics really help to bring a sense of wonder and excitement into my life . Even as an adult now, they never fail to bring me back to that point of reading that comic for the first time.


Do you remember your first comic and the emotions you felt reading it?

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